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Girish Chovatia-CMD

Ami Lifesciences Pvt Ltd.

Greetings from Ami Lifesciences !

Germany rose from the ashes of World War II to become a wealthy and powerful modern nation not because it had access to abundant resources, but because it had a highly advanced fine chemistry sector.

The fine chemistry sector is a source of immense added value and a sector we need to foster and nurture in the 21st century if we are to elevate our nation’s status to that of an advanced one.

Manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, in particular, is a fine chemistry industry requiring endless research and constant advancements in technology and simultaneously promises a huge potential for future growth and value.

This is why the mission of Ami lifesciences , a specialist in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, is so incredibly important.

Here at Ami Lifesciences, each and every one of us is dedicated to researching and developing innovative technologies that will enable us to deliver products of the highest quality possible in the quickest timeframe possible in order to survive and thrive in today’s open and globalized market environment.

Two of our first tasks following the founding of the company were to establish a Central Research Center and to institute a system for selective adoption of advanced technologies from abroad. We have since then been making concerted and enterprise-wide efforts to develop new technologies and products of great economic value. Efficient manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients through the use of biotechnology, the very future of fine chemistry, is also a key pursuit of Ami Lifesciences .

Ami Lifesciences contributes to national health promotion, through providing with active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as finished products.

As a leader in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical ingredients and a pioneer in fine chemistry, Ami Lifesciences pledges to continue to grow as a corporation of the people and the world and to remain committed to improving the health and the welfare of humankind and to protecting the environment.

We have been instrumental in indigenizing manufacture of several intermediates and API’s that the country imported, and we have a strong focus in delivering that the world demands

We are AMI Lifesciences.

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