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Our Business Priorities

Expanding business by enhancing competencies.

We believe that new relationships are developed through enhanced competencies. When our competencies are better, we can serve more people.

AMI is committed to continually enhancing our competencies in various fields with a view of better serving our different relationships.

Increasing capabilities and capacities for our customer - partners

We work in the domains of API’s that we manufacture and supply, we work on custom synthesis of New Chemical Entities as well as in Contract Manufacturing in bulk quantities. In each of these domains, our continual business priority is to enhance our capabilities and capacities to undertake scientific research, develop and contract manufacture-increasing numbers of products and manufacture them in ever-larger volumes.

Creating ideal environment for innovation, scientific research and growth of Indian talent

India is a country blessed with a large population of educated and talented science graduates and PHDs. We seek to offer them an ideal environment where they can pit their capabilities against the world and emerge winners. By enhancing our team capabilities we also boost our business priorities.

Building Sustainable Value

We seek to be a sustainable enterprise that delivers value to our stakeholders, employees, clients, and the society. Innovation and Science is our way to profit, and our after profit activities are dictated by our conscience.