CMO/CDMO for Exclusive Synthesis

As a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) partner with locations in India and International, we offer services for API development and Commercial Manufacturing to the Innovators and Formulators:


  • Our expert team can develop and validate complex APIs.
  • We have new R & D center having 60 fume hoods for development of complex APIs.
  • We have excellent supporting analytical laboratory having sophisticated equipment like HPLC, GC, LC-MS, GC-MS, XRD etc.
  • We can scale up from grams to kgs to tons.

Services offered :

Strengths as a CDMO:

Vertical Integration:

Key Starting Materials, Intermediates, API Research & Development Commercial Manufacturing

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients:

Complex Chemistry:

Cryogenic Reactions

We can perform cryogenic reactions in temperature ranges up to -80°C

Pyrophoric and Sensitive Reactions

Capable to handle precious metal catalysts and pyrophoric materials at elevated temperatures and high pressure.

Hydrogenation Reactions

With Pressure Range up to 30kg/cm2, Temperature Range Up to 180°C and Capacity ranging from 25L to 6kL, efficiently hydrogenation reactions can be performed.

For CMO/CDMO requirement for your exclusive synthesis, kindly mail your enquiry on [email protected]