Social Responsibility

As an influence in the world of healthcare, we understand the responsibility that comes with our business. That is why, every part of our mission is imbibed in our gene to consciously understand our moral and social responsibility towards nature and the society.

At Ami Lifesciences, we are deeply committed to fulfilling their social responsibility. Following a "people first" approach, we have been pro-active with community outreach programs and our major accomplishments have been:

United Way of Baroda in collaboration with Ami Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. launched Rural Rising Project 2022 in Padra Block, Vadodara which is an amalgamation of Integrated Rural Development Program focusing on holistic development of the rural communities. This project aims to work for the enhancement of rural communities in concentrating on access to Quality Education, better Health care, enhancing STEM Education, Provision of Infrastructure and Community Development.

Ami Lifesciences conducted general medical check-up camp in Karkhadi for the villagers. This camp had the facility from general physician, cardiologist, orthopaedic, gynaecologist and ophthalmologist, followed by tests like ECG, random blood sugar and BP.