EHS Certification

Practising a ''Healthy'' approach to EHS

Health and Safety are part of our organisation's and business's underlying ethos, and we practice it diligently. Our EHS practices are as under:

  • We mandate that the equipment we procure and use at our production facilities adhere to the highest safety standards.
  • We have established best-in-class EHS management systems conforming to ISO 9001:2015 Standards at the plant and R&D centre to ensure our employee's Safety.
  • Our Risk Assessment Programs include periodic audits of machinery, systems, and processes to identify and assess possible risks on various parameters - both at an individual and organisational level.
  • An integrated process safety management system includes best practices in industrial hygiene and exposure reduction.
  • Our comprehensive training programs include safety practices in the areas of Health and environment, first aid and other specialised topics. In addition, our campaigns and initiatives like World Environment Week and National Safety Week create awareness about imminent issues.
  • We make products that promote Health for people in a manner that keeps the environment healthy and our workers and people safe.
  • Our Environment, Health, and Safety efforts are geared to maintain a low impact on the ecology and total Safety for our employees and people from nearby communities.